A snippet of T-Rex's song 'Christmas Bop' is featured in Target's latest holiday commercial advertising the notion "Santa Has Elves - You have Target." Marc Bolan's T-Rex may not seem like the most likely band to back a Fisher-Price toy but when it comes to advertising a mega dinosaur, it's as logical choice as any.

The Imaginext series by Fisher Price offers a huge selection of figurines, and as the commercial starts a young child is smashing them to bits with.... a stuffed deer? Luckily, his father realizes the boy needs something a little more appropriate for stomping. Bam! Mega T-Rex to the rescue as 'Christmas Bop' wails in the background.

The commercial is only 15 seconds long, and the irony is that the snippet used is actually the voice of Bolan's musical partner and sweetheart Gloria Jones. Still, we have to applaud Target for taking a closer look at dinosaurs and pulling this Bolan jewel out of the archives.

Watch a Target Holiday Commerical Featuring 'Christmas Bop' by T-Rex