Should Santa Claus not be able to satisfy his obligations this Christmas, it makes sense to have one of the biggest stars in country music stand in to do the job. Right? After all, they already travel all over the globe, they're good with animals, most (if not all) are very generous, and a few look great in the suit. Can you guess the famous faces hidden behind Santa's beard in these pictures?

If ol' Kris Kringle played country music, his elves would work overtime crafting enough fiddles and banjos to leave one at every house. The reindeer would probably get the night off in favor of a jacked-up Chevy, and instead of cookies and milk, you'd best be advised to leave jerky and Budweiser by your fireplace. Come to think of it, go ahead and leave Santa jerky and Budweiser anyway. We promise it will be gone in the morning.

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