Outdoor Christmas lights displays synchronized to rock 'n' roll have been popular since an enterprising electrical engineer in Mason, Ohio, hooked up thousands of them outside his house and set them to the tune 'Wizards in Winter' by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In 2005, a YouTube video capturing the display became a viral hit -- it's since snagged 11 million views -- and that same year a Miller Lite beer commercial featuring that song set to a massive lights display made it a downright cultural phenomenon. Since then, rock fans the world over have been stringing up lights outside their homes and setting the flickering shows to various different bands, with AC/DC a popular option. With that in mind, we share you videos of 5 AC/DC Christmas Lights Displays.

  • Christmas Thunder

    'Thunderstruck' is one of later-era AC/DC's more popular tunes, and one of the band's most popular when it comes to Christmas lights displays. This clip captures an impressive scene with thousands of lights, glowing snowmen and trees all dancing the holiday night away.

  • Lit Me All Night Long

    It's hard to beat 15,000 colorful Christmas lights rocking along to AC/DC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long' -- which is exactly what this video, from a display called Santa's Airport, brings us. With lit-up trees, reindeer, crosses, airplanes and even a helicopter piloted by Santa himself spread over three different houses, the only thing better would be if Brian Johnson and the boys themselves plugged in and played along.

  • X-Mas Bells

    Nicknamed 'The Shack,' this stately home offers up multiple strings and glowing globes of white lights flashing along to the AC/DC classic 'Hells Bells.' It may not be the most elaborate display on the list, but there's something to be said about restraint. If nothing else, at least the neighbors aren't reaching for the plug.

  • Black Christmas

    We don't know why this videographer decided to shoot in the fading evening light, but it doesn't matter. With a line of miniature Christmas trees backed by strings of colorful lights, this 'Back in Black' display is the best-synched on our list -- and has what is easily the best Angus Young guitar solo ever interpreted through Christmas lights.

  • Thunderstruck

    There must be something about 'Thunderstruck' that screams "Christmas lights display!" -- how else could the song make two separate appearances on our list? "Bet you have never seen rock music like this before," reads the description that accompanies the video, and that's a bet they would definitely win. There's no better way to put it: This elaborate lights display rocks!

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