This year, Christmas in the McEntire household will begin as it does every year. Reba McEntire and her family have a quirky but refreshing tradition to kick off the celebration: They sing 'Happy Birthday' to Jesus.

“Narvel's mom, Gloria Blackstock, makes a cake for Jesus for his birthday,” Valory Music Co. reports the famous redhead said. Narvel is Reba's husband of 22 years.

Then they open gifts, which are plentiful. “It is Jesus' birthday and he gets so many gifts,” she says, so “Santa Claus and Jesus have gotten together, and Jesus is sharing his gifts and Santa Claus is distributing to all the good little boys and girls."

After the Christmas season, McEntire plans to return to acting. She'll shoot the pilot for a new ABC show called 'Malibu Country' in April, and if things go well they'll begin filming in August.

The singer is the show's executive producer and will also star in the series.

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