Retailers are competing hard to get inside your wallet this holiday season, and as a result, there are big savings to be found in checkout lines all across the country. We know a few ways you can take advantage of this.

Most major retailers have taken the gloves off and are now in a full-blown, knock-down, drag-out price-matching war, enabling customers to get better-than-expected deals—if they know what they're doing.

Unfortunately, while there is an opportunity for the consumer to benefit, industry experts warn that there is still plenty of red tape to cut through first. "Price-matching sounds good, but there are so many exclusions, it sometimes isn't as good as it sounds," says Edgar Dworsky, founder of Consumer World.

Retail experts offer this advice when price matching:

  • Be aware of store policies. Look for price-matching guidelines on the store’s website before wasting your time going in. Be sure to print the policy and carry it with you just in case.
  • Be able to prove it. When price-matching, it's always best if you bring proof of the lower price. For example, bring in an advertisement or a printed Web page.
  • Keep your receipts. Some retailers will give you money back if you find an item you already purchased now selling at a lower price.
  • Don’t mess with cashiers, use customer service. There is a lot of new, temporary help in retail stores this time of year. When trying to get your price matched, go straight to customer service to avoid too much hassle.
  • Ask your financial institution. Some credit cards companies, like Citi, offer price-matching programs that can save you time and money.

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