Christmas is a time to be with family. But what happens when you can’t be with loved ones?

IKEA Switzerland – yes, IKEA – has done some serious out-of-the-box-containing-the-parts-of-a-bookshelf thinking. The furniture company has assembled a unique gimmick in which people can be matched up with others on the holiday. It’s pretty simple: log on to No Empty Chairs at Christmas and register either as a guest or a host and you will be matched up to welcome someone into your home or be invited to someone’s house to spend the holiday.

It sounds good in theory, sure, but we say short of an axe murderer appearing on your front step, why not use this opportunity to have your surprise guest help you put together some IKEA furniture? Unless, of course, you really think you can put that Vittsjo shelving unit together all by your lonesome.

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