Trying to find the lowest prices on toys this holiday season? The latest industry report indicates that has better deals than retail giants Walmart, Target and everyone else.

Financial analysts recently discovered that Amazon offers cheaper prices on about 44 percent of the same toys in stock at Walmart. However, Walmart still had the upper hand on other retailers, beating the prices of Target, Sears, Kmart and Toys R Us.

Amazon’s lead shocked some industry experts because, during last year's holidays, Walmart could not seem to be touched. Still, Amazon is dominant this year, with better prices on many popular items like the limited-edition version of the video game ‘Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,’ which is priced at $21 at Amazon and nearly $40 at Walmart.

Online retailers—other than Amazon—have missed the boat in the past by not stocking enough items. Yet, with more retailers stocking as much as 40 percent more this year, analysts say the holidays should be successful for them, as well.


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