Tim McGraw's first release from his post-Curb Records days is a Christmas song called 'Christmas All Over the World.' The pop-country song -- released on McGraw's own StyleSonic Records -- was sent to radio today.

The Daniel Tashian and Troy Verges written song is one the Wiggles would have been anxious to get their hands on. The first verse seems made up on the fly, like the band was ready and the studio only had so much tape, so rhymes had to be worked up quickly.

"In the desert they're hanging Christmas lights / From a cactus tree / And all the way over the sea / In Tokyo, they're hanging mistletoe," McGraw sings to begin the song.

The chorus is certainly memorable, especially toward the end of the song when McGraw sings it over and over and over again: "And the bells, the bells, the bells are ringing / The joy, the joy, the joy they're bringing / To every boy and girl / It's Christmas time all over the world."

For an artist who's been around close to 20 years, McGraw has been a part of surprisingly few holiday tunes. While it's really good to hear new music from him, and he no doubt has plenty left to give country music fans, this wasn't the best place to start. Of course, setting a high bar with a holiday tune -- which can be streamed below, but is also available as a free download on The Boot today and at his official website on Friday -- would have made it difficult to follow up when he releases his next official single.

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Listen to Tim McGraw, 'Christmas All Over the World'

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