The universal lyrics to Tim McGraw's new holiday tune, 'Christmas All Over the World,' were penned by songwriters Troy Verges and Daniel Tashian after a conversation arose about the things we love that are shared all over the world.

"I loved the idea of something like Coke or M&M's that crosses all geographic and economic boundaries," Tashian tells Taste of Country. "So you have a rich man in a big city drinking a Coke and a poor kid in a poor country drinking a Coke, and it tastes the exact same."

That got the writers thinking about the same passion that millions share with the Christmas holiday.

"In the desert they’re hanging Christmas lights / From a cactus Christmas tree / And all the way over the sea / In Tokyo, they’re hanging mistletoe / And way down south in Mexico / They're singing 'Feliz Navidad,'" they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"And I was thinking about that Christmas Eve in World War II when there was a cease fire," notes Tashian. "The Germans and the allies came out from the trenches and played a game of football in the snow."

"And the bells, the bells, the bells are ringing / The joy, the joy, the joy they’re bringing / To every boy and girl / It’s Christmas time all over the world," McGraw sings in the lyrics of the chorus.

Fans of McGraw's new tune can log onto his official website to download a copy of 'Christmas All Over the World' for free, or stream the song at the link below.

Listen to Tim McGraw's 'Christmas All Over the World'