One expects more comedy than vocal proficiency from the Robertsons, and in their song 'Hairy Christmas,' that's what you get. Luke Bryan joins Willie Robertson and company on this singalong that aims to be the next 'Merry Christmas from the Family.'

Fans of 'Duck Dynasty' will love this song, and those who've never watched the A&E series will probably still get a chuckle out of their redneck references. Bryan seems as comfortable singing about shotguns and rented camels as he does pretty women in tight blue jeans.

"Buy the kids a big trampoline / Everybody gets a new shotgun / We're a camel short of a manger scene / But there's a guy in Texas who'll rent us one," he says to begin the second verse.

Traditional is not what you get from this group. A soaring rendition of 'White Christmas' with someone like Martina McBride would be as awkward as a pig in a tuxedo, although Alison Krauss does play along with the Robertsons on their new 'Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas' album.

"Duck season and holiday cheer / There's nothing like this time of year," they shout at the bridge. The beat rumbles along like an old truck with a bad muffler, an arrangement that fits this low-brow comedic Christmas song like skin on a buck.

Why Fans Will Love It: The idea of the Robertsons releasing a Christmas album is funny to begin with, and this song lives up to the concept.

Key Lyrics: "Like Jesus and Santa Claus / We got love behind these beards / Wishin' you a hairy Christmas / And a happy, happy, happy New Year"

Did You Know?: In addition to Bryan and Krauss, George Strait and Josh Turner join the Robertsons on select tracks.

Listen to the Robertsons, 'Hairy Christmas'

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