Taylor Swift's contemplative ballad 'Never Grow Up' provides the soundtrack for one of the cutest and most heartwarming commercials of the Christmas season. The spot, a promo for Walmart, captures the euphoria of Christmas morning for children, along with the innate joy of opening presents and spending time with family.

The commercial is only 31 seconds in length, but it contains lots of shrieking, dancing, jumping up and down, screaming, furious ripping of wrapping paper and general excitement over presents, presents, and more presents. The point is quickly made and well-taken: You are never, ever too young or too old to enjoy receiving a gift on Christmas morning.

Toddlers and excited kids demonstrate unfettered joy when they discover they have been gifted with bikes, dolls and various assorted toys in the Walmart commercial.

Clearly, Christmas joy never fades, and this commercial -- as well as Taylor Swift's poignant song -- remind us of that unassailable fact. Remember when you were their age and opening presents was the highlight of your kid year? We do too! So much of this holiday revolves around commercialism and capitalism, but this 2012 Walmart Christmas commercial is a simple, sweet homage to the joy of the season.

Happy holidays, ToC readers!

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