Tanya Tucker says she's been holding onto her newest song for 10 or 11 years, but the time is finally right to release 'Merry Christmas Wherever You Are.' It's a delicate and touching lyric, but the production feels about 10 or 11 years old. Maybe older.

"I had no reason for shopping this season / But I hung your stocking today / In makes me feel better / Though we're not together / You'll always be in my heart / Merry Christmas wherever you are," Tucker sings over acoustic picking and piano. For whatever the reason, songs of sorrow sound equally right come Christmas time. Perhaps in grieving we appreciate those we have with us each holiday season.

"Since it was Christmas / I thought you might call / Or have you stopped thinking about me at all / It'd be a perfect white Christmas / A story book picture / If I could just share it with you / Though you're not here with me / I've got your memory / It keeps me going sweetheart / Merry Christmas wherever you are," Tucker adds during the second verse.

'Merry Christmas Wherever You Are' is a beautiful line, and Tucker finds plenty of emotion to make it work. Fans of classic country will appreciate her style, but musically there isn't much for fans of contemporary artists to enjoy.

3 Stars

Listen to Tanya Tucker's 'Merry Christmas Wherever You Are'

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