After a long break from recording and performing, superstar Shania Twain is getting back in the spirit of things -- the Christmas spirit, that is. In a new interview, the Canadian songbird reveals that before she delivers new anytime studio music, she is "dying" to make a Christmas album.

Twain tells Up! magazine that she's been so focused on her upcoming Vegas debut that it's been difficult to make much progress on a new studio effort.

"I’m concentrating on the show and not really getting any closer to recording a new album, even though I’ve done so much of the writing," she explains. "I’m more inclined to make my next record a Christmas album. I’ve been dying to do a Christmas album for so long and I think now is the best time to do that. Once the show is underway I’m just going to, no pun intended, chill and fall into one of my nostalgic modes and make a Christmas album."

Before the Grammy-winning star can even think about that, though, she's got to get through the launch of her Still the One show, which debuts on Dec. 1 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and runs through next April.

"I’ll be excited," Twain says of getting back on stage after a long break from live performance. "I can’t really know until I get there, but I feel as if I’ve already gone through the most nerve-wracking part of it and that was making the decision to do it."

She adds, "It was a giant step for me. I’m enjoying singing again. When I think about being on stage and being like, 'Ugh, how am I going to be able to run around in high heels shoes again,' and 'Am I going to be comfortable wearing fashion clothes?' I’ve been so relaxed in these last years and just being in sweats. I think I’ll enjoy being back with the audience, being back with the cast and the musicians and being in that environment."

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