Ever wondered what spending the holidays with Ozzy Osbourne would be like? Of course you have. And would you be surprised to learn that they sometimes involve Ozzy stomping around on the roof with horseshoes duct taped to his feet? Of course you wouldn't.

That little tidbit comes courtesy of Ozzy's daughter Kelly, who recently shared some of her favorite memories from yuletides past as part of Bing's Magical Holiday Calendar. As it turns out, Christmas with the Osbournes is a pretty traditional affair -- no bat blood in the eggnog at Ozzy's place!

According to Kelly, who made her debut as a fashion correspondent for the E! Network this year, it's her mom Sharon who's seriously into Christmas. When the Osbourne kids were younger, she was the one who'd make Ozzy do things like go up on the roof and pretend to be a reindeer. (If only we'd been able to see that unfold on an episode of 'The Osbournes.') These days, the family traditions are more sedate, and involve things like...pajamas. Disappointing, right?

Well, maybe next year, Ozzy can start a few more rock 'n' roll holiday traditions while he's on the road with a reunited Black Sabbath. Got any ideas? Let's hear them in the comments!

Kelly Osbourne Talks About the Holidays with Her Family