Everyone's favorite 1970s movie couple is back together again! John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John of 'Grease' fame have teamed up to create a charming country holiday duet.

We all know that Travolta and Newton-John have musical skills -- remember all of those famous songs they sang together on 'Grease'? However, it's been a while since the two have released a song that could legitimately make it big on the radio.

The tune, 'I Think You Might Like It,' is from 'This Christmas,' a collection of holiday songs released by the former 'Grease' power couple.

Always willing to get in front of a camera, Travolta and Newton-John have shot this video for 'I Think You Might Like It.' In the clip, the two longtime friends reunite at the holidays and make time for a few Christmas traditions, like dancing, eating and watching 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

Travolta and Newton-John are so adorable together that it's hard not to get this one stuck in your head.

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