Lauren Alaina loves Christmas time! With each passing year, the singer prides herself on finding the perfect gift for her mother, father and brother. Back before she was America's sweetheart following her stint on 'American Idol,' Alaina struggled a bit to save up enough money to buy that special gift for the holidays. The young songstress recalls one year in particular that she gave her mom the best present of all: a brand new couch!

"I saved up for it for weeks and weeks and weeks!" Alaina tells Taste of Country with a giggle. "I was singing, and I would get tips – not a lot of tips, but I saved for like eight weeks and bought my mom a couch. I would like announce it when she wasn’t there [at the shows]. I’d be like, ‘I’m trying to buy my mom a couch!’ And I bought her a couch. That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever bought someone."

It's safe to say that the best present Alaina could give her family this year, however, is the gift of simply being at home! Since appearing on 'American Idol,' the singer has been on a whirlwind, traveling coast-to-coast promoting her debut album, 'Wildflower.'