Christmas is arriving early, thanks to our girl Kelly Clarkson. The original 'American Idol' will drop her holiday album 'Wrapped in Red' on Oct. 29. She has shared the new single 'Underneath the Tree' in advance of the release. Oh, it's good! Grab some eggnog, don an ugly holiday sweater with Santa Claus print and get ready to sing along.

It's an upbeat, jingle-and-sleigh-bell-fueled jam, complete with some saxophone. It reminds us a bit of Mariah Carey's modern classic 'All I Want for Christmas Is You,' with a dose of girl group harmonizing.

Lyrically, all Kelly Clarkson wants is to be with her beloved on Christmas Day. That's a noble wish, isn't it? She doesn't need presents under the tree. She just needs her man.

Clarkson belts out the choruses, which are complete with harmonies, and if you play 'Underneath the Tree' really loud, you just might be inspired to pull out the holiday ornaments a little early and start thinking about how you want to trim the tree.

We're in for more Kelly Clarkson holiday cheer this Yuletide season, as she is filming her first to-be-televised Christmas special at the end of the month. How awesome will it be to further welcome Clarkson and her voice into your home for the holidays?

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