When December rolls around, touring artists begin to slow down their hectic schedules and soak up all the family time they can before hitting the road in full swing after the first of the year.

For Jake Owen, Christmas will be extra special this year, as he has been traveling so much that down time at home in Florida is hard to come by these days.

"I look forward to it," Owen tells Taste of Country of this time of year when he sees his loved ones. "I really do. Any time you get to go home is great. I don't get to do that that often."

Especially seeing how he wasn't able to spend Thanksgiving with his mom, dad and twin brother.

"I didn't get to go home for Thanksgiving because we played a show the night after, but it's funny," he says with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes. "I had 25 of my friends over, and it was just friends hanging out for Thanksgiving. It was the greatest Thanksgiving ever, because all people ever really know are holidays with their family. So when I got on the bus that night to go to North Carolina, I asked one of the guys in my band, 'So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you guys have a good one?' This one guy was like no, it wasn't -- my wife freaked out, the kids were blah blah blah ... Then I asked someone else, and it was the same thing!

"It reminded me of growing up -- I love my family more than anything and we love getting together," Owen clarifies. "But every time Thanksgiving or Christmas rolled around and we had to get in the car and drive to my grandparents house, if we were three seconds later than what my dad wanted to leave, we spent the first 45 minutes of the car ride yelling at each other as to why we were late [laughs]! It totally ruins the whole purpose of Thanksgiving and Christmas! But with your friends, nobody cares! You're eating turkey, drinking some beers, watching football, and that's what it's all about. Nobody was mad because you're in somebody's kitchen -- like my Grandma. She gets mad when somebody's in her kitchen [laughs]."

But with that said, Owen is excited about Christmas time with his family. If nothing else, it's a gentle reminder of what brought him to Nashville to pursue his dream as a country music star. "I look forward to hanging out with my family, but at the same time, too, I think there's a reason why I left," Owen laughs. "And they know that! I look forward to going home. If anybody knows me, they know I love my family more than anything. I always reference them and talk about them. I'll spend my time there, and then I'll sneak back up to Nashville and start grinding away again!"

Next year, Owen will have his plate full as he will be opening for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney on their Brothers of the Sun tour throughout the summer. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.