When he's not hating on Christmas, apparently The Grinch plays traffic cop.

That's what's been happening in the Florida Keys, where Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Bureau Chief Lou Caputo has been dressing up as the Dr. Seuss character as he operates a speed trap.

It's a Christmas-time tradition that Caputo started in 2000 after watching the Jim Carrey film version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

“The Grinch was always a favorite of mine because he’s a rascal but turns out to be a good guy.” Caputo explained. “My wife hand-made my hands, pants and hat.”

He also uses the costume to promote slower driving in school zones.

"Most kids really like the Grinch, they hug him, and they want to be around him," Caputo said. "It’s a way to talk about slowing down in school zones, but lightens the mood up because it’s the holidays.”

Caputo's Grinch gives out real tickets, but if a speeder is within 5 mph of the limit they are given the option of accepting an onion rather than being written up. A holiday gesture that proves The Grinch's heart really did grow three sizes on that fateful day.

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