Cee Lo Green is channeling Santa and making some dreams come true this holiday season. The eccentric coach of 'The Voice' is snagging some of the show's present and former contestants to join him on his upcoming Christmas TV special!

"I have truly kept my word and remained committed to everyone," Green told Billboard, adding that he recently signed season 2 finalist Juliet Simms to a management contract. "I'm actually doing a Christmas special -- next week I'm filming. And so I've invited about, I think it's going to be 19 in total. All of my people are coming from Season 3 as we stand, and I'm going back to Season 1, getting Nakia, Nicci, Vicci, Jamar, Cheesa."

The special will be to promote Green's Christmas album, 'Magic Moment,' out Oct. 30. He duets with fellow coach Christina Aguilera on one of the tracks, 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.'

Green also dished on the changes to 'The Voice' this season, both in format and in his own approach to choosing his team -- he's looking for people who are like him! (Good luck with that, Cee Lo -- you're one of a kind for sure!)

"I'm looking for a certainty of self and I'm looking for someone to be mindful enough and present enough in their own life and career and aspiration to know exactly what they want. I kind of only want who wants me," he explained. "And you can kind almost see the similarities and likeness in these different pairings. So, my group of people, they do kind of resemble me. But sometimes, something out of the ordinary, something extraordinary will happen in an artist or in a performance that everybody's compelled to get the fortune, turnaround, and everybody wants it," he said. "You have to sell it a little bit harder."

And if all else fails, there's always the new feature: the steal. Still, Green's not too phased by it. "I think that's the only thing that has changed is we've grown and we've evolved over a period of time," he said. "It is so well executed and so well articulated. And even with the new additions that we've made to the system and how it runs, we even adjusted to those because they were very exciting and it kind of revitalized something that could become routine," he added. "Network television has a status quo that must be met at all times. So sometimes it can feel like a box to be in. But here, it's very lively and energetic and very liberal in the way that they allow us to be alive and advocate that organic energy there."

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