Word on the street is that this holiday season will be one of the most successful retail seasons in years, leading many employers on a desperate search for holiday workers to help get them through this busy time. But not every job seeker gets the plum role of Santa—he has elves, and that isn't nearly as much fun.

To find out which jobs are the best and the worst of the holiday season, the job-search portal CareerCast recently conducted some of their infamous research magic and, in doing so, made a list, checked it twice and released the details of holiday jobs—both naughty and nice.

Unsurprisingly, being a Santa Claus topped the list, with some well-seasoned Kris Kringles earning more than $100 per hour. However, the other end of the spectrum is rather bleak. Those working as Santa’s Elf must dress in ridiculous, easily mockable costumes and tolerate thousands of highly uncooperative kids on a daily basis ... while earning minimum wage.

Best Jobs of the Holiday Season

  • Santa Claus
  • retail salesperson
  • volunteer
  • parcel deliverer
  • food server
  • candy maker

Worst Jobs of the Holiday Season

  • Santa’s Elf
  • Christmas tree lot attendant
  • snow remover
  • airport help
  • taxi driver


For a fully detailed list check here.