A Christmas tradition that every household can enjoy is the annual tree trimming. There's just something about decorating a cut-down Douglas fir that really brings out the holiday spirit in everyone. Christmas ornaments bring back memories of Christmases past, a wonderful trip down memory lane.

But some decorations just don't belong. Little ceramic reindeer? Sure. Santa Claus? Why not! Tinsel? Definitely. On the other hand, here are 10 decorations you really, really don't want to put on your tree:

  1. Glitter sausage links
  2. That macaroni ornament you made in preschool with your photo plastered in the middle of it
  3. Your old "Vote for Gore" Christmas ball
  4. A tiny urinal
  5. Catnip-covered tree lights
  6. A pine-fresh air freshener
  7. Melted candy canes from last year
  8. Mini liquor bottles
  9. The tree topper you made years ago that now consists of broken glass and faded glitter in the shape of a star
  10. Years-old Slim Jims