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Girl's Wish Granted
Christmas may have come and gone but there is still magic to marvel at from this joyous holiday, like the magic that granted the wish of a little girl who only wanted her soldier father back for the holidays.
Gingerbread House
'Transformers' fan Brian Hall may have won the gingerbread portion of Christmas with the automated 'Gingerbreadatron.'
His creation seamlessly shifts from a gingerbread house to a battle robot with a flip of a switch. To achieve this metamorphosis, Hall augment…
kind of christmas movies
The industry, er, holiday known as Christmas dominates not only the last two months of each year, but has also spawned its own genre of film. There are good holiday flicks (‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’), mediocre ones ('Jingle All the Way') and ones so awful, we'd rather drink expired egg…